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Bird population indices: use this tool to display annual and seasonal population indices and trends from Canadian Migration Monitoring Network data and more.


Seasonal bar charts: use this tool to create seasonal bar charts from a variety of datasets.


Online Data Entry: NatureCounts can be used by participants of several of bird monitoring projects to submit their data online. To see the list of projects hosted on NatureCounts, please follow this link.

BirdMap Canada: use this tool to generate live maps from several major bird monitoring databases, including the Breeding Bird Survey (provided by USGS and CWS), Christmas Bird Counts (provided by the National Audubon Society), and Band Recoveries (provided by CWS). You may also choose to view hemispheric range maps of almost all species that breed in Canada (provided by CWS, Ontario Region), or explore the boundaries of Canadian Important Bird Areas (provided by BSC and CNF) and Bird Conservation Regions. Launch Birdmap.



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