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Ontario Landbird 
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At its broadest level, Partners In Flight (PIF) is a coalition of countries, government agencies, conservation groups, academic institutions, industry and concerned citizens who share a common vision: to maintain the health of landbird populations and their habitats. In Ontario, Partners in Flight is being led by Ontario Region Canadian Wildlife Service and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in partnership with Bird Studies Canada. Although international in its scope, Partners In Flight advocates a grassroots approach where regions develop their own goals and strategies to keep common birds common. Partners In Flight activities within Ontario fit into broader continental wide initiatives that comprise the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI). As part of NABCI, Partners In Flight supports conservation of migratory landbirds throughout their yearly ranges.

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Red-tailed Hawk

Over the next three years, biological plans for the conservation of landbirds in Ontario will be written by Bird Studies Canada under the supervision of and with principal funding from the Ontario Region Canadian Wildlife Service and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. It is likely that these plans will be developed as a series of 4 plans staged by Bird Conservation Region, working from south to north. Each of these Landbird Conservation Plans will contain the following information:

  • Descriptions of priority landbird species and habitats within each planning region;
  • Priority species accounts, including information specific to Ontario (status, threats, knowledge gaps, etc.);
  • Priority habitat accounts that describe how much of the habitat exists, where, of what quality, which priority birds use it, and what threats are imminent;
  • Descriptions of population and habitat objectives;
  • Recommended actions to achieve objectives;
  • Identification of specific parts of Ontario where actions should take place and when actions need to be site specific (as opposed to landscape-wide);
  • Descriptions of best management practices for landscape wide actions; and
  • Development of research and monitoring needs and recommendations.

These plans will identify options/strategies for enhancing landbird conservation that will help guide voluntary conservation efforts. As such, landowners need not fear that the plans will place new restrictions on their lands.

Bird Conservation Regions of Ontario


Draft Plans & Additional Information

Please feel free to download and review the draft plans.  Comments should be directed to the PIF Ontario Overall Contact person listed below. Additional documents and presentations that outline the rationale, methods, data, and planning process used in the development of the Ontario Landbird Conservation Plans are available in the Archives section.
  Ontario Landbird Conservation Plans


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Partners in Flight Ontario Contacts:

Overall Contact /
General Information

EHJV Program Officer
Environment Canada
335 River Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H3
Ph: (613) 949-8264
Fax: (613) 949-8307

Ministry of Natural Resources Contact

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Biodiversity Section
300 Water Street
Peterborough, ON, K9J 8M5
Phone: 705-755-1960
Fax: 705-755-2168


Plan-writing Contact

Audrey Heagy
Bird Conservation Planning Biologist
Bird Studies Canada /
Čtudes d'Oiseaux Canada
P.O. Box 160
Port Rowan ONN0E 1M0
Ph: (519) 586-3531
Fax: (519) 586-3532
E-mail: aheagy@bsc-eoc.org

The Canadian Wildlife Service and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 
are major financial supporters of this effort. 
Other important financial supporters include PIF Canada, 
the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and Wildlife Habitat Canada.

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