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James L. Baillie

James L. Baillie Memorial Fund

About James Baillie

For nearly 50 years Jim Baillie worked as Assistant Curator in the Ornithology Department of the Royal Ontario Museum. Although not formally educated in ornithology, his knowledge of birds was unsurpassed. Jim Baillie had the ability to share his knowledge with thousands of people, amateurs and professionals alike, through newspaper columns, scientific publications and informal conversations with countless visitors to his museum office.

Baillie's enthusiasm and knowledge have inspired hundreds of naturalists to pursue bird study and conservation. Select this link to read Dr. H.J.M. Barnett's personal account Reflections on J.L. Baillie. The James L. Baillie Memorial Fund was named in honour of this great Canadian naturalist, conservationist and educator.

About the Baillie Memorial Fund

The James L. Baillie Memorial Fund for Bird Research and Preservation was established by Bird Studies Canada in 1976. It is funded by the annual Great Canadian Birdathon and by private donations. 

Originally, the focus of the Baillie Fund was on amateur ornithological research within Ontario. In 1983, the scope of the granting program was expanded to include projects by individuals and organizations that increase understanding, appreciation and conservation of Canadian birds in their natural environment. Additional information on the program goals and objectives is available in the Baillie Fund Application Guidelines..

The Baillie Fund is directed by a group of independent Trustees comprised of professional and amateur ornithologists from across Canada. The Trustees share an enthusiasm for increasing our knowledge about Canada's birds, as well as ensuring their protection.

Four Decades of Baillie Fund Grants

Since 1978, the Baillie Fund has awarded over $785,000 to more than 625 bird research and conservation projects across Canada (see Funded Projects in the left-hand menu)

Baillie Fund Grant Programs

The Baillie Fund currently has three granting programs:

  • The Regular Grants Program;
  • The Small Grants Program; and
  • The Baillie Student Award for Field Research.

Applications for Regular and Small Grants are reviewed by the Baillie Fund Trustees, and applications for the Baillie Student Award are reviewed by the Student Awards Committee of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists (SCO).

The eligibility requirements, grant size, application deadline, application form, and review process are different for each grant program. Prospective applicants should read the Baillie Fund Application Guidelines to determine which grant program best fits their project.

For more information contact the Baillie Fund Secretary by email at or phone 866-518-0212.

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