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The Fraser River Delta

Fraser Delta: Jewel of the Pacific Flyway

From Understanding to Appreciation to Action

The Fraser River Estuary Important Bird and Biodiversity Area is a large delta of interconnected marine, estuarine, freshwater, and agricultural habitats in southwestern British Columbia near the city of Vancouver. The Fraser Delta is among the richest and most important ecosystems for migrant and wintering birds in Canada.

Because the Fraser Estuary is located in the heart of a major urban centre, the health of its ecosystem faces a number of threats. The top five most significant pressures are: transportation infrastructure associated with marine shipping, urban development, conversion of agricultural fields to greenhouses, sea level rise due to climate change, and invasive species.

Bird Studies Canada is collaborating with the community to build conservation strategies addressing threats to the estuary. This will take time. But by acting with a shared vision for a healthy ecosystem, we will ensure that the Fraser Delta remains the jewel of the Pacific Flyway.

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