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New Climate Change Report Released as Canada Heads to the Polls

10 October 2019 – Is action on climate change the deciding ballot-box factor for you in the upcoming federal election? More news about birds at risk suggests it very well should be. Two-thirds of North America’s birds will be seriously affected by climate change, according to a striking report released October 10th by the National Audubon Society.


THANK YOU for Supporting the 2019 Birdathon!

25 September 2019 – Thank-you to the prize donors, participants, and sponsors who made Bird Studies Canada’s 2019 Great Canadian Birdathon a success. All of your hard work and generosity will benefit Canada’s wild birds in many, many ways!


Fall is Migration Time for Loons and Lake Users Alike

25 September 2019 – Soon Thanksgiving will be here and Canadians will be putting away the paddle, winterizing the boat, closing up the cottage and – perhaps – thinking ahead to personal migrations to warmer climes. Meanwhile, adult loons, followed by their young, will be migrating to their wintering grounds.


Cute but Cryptic: The American Woodcock

25 September 2019 – I may be biased, but I think American Woodcocks are unique in their “cuteness,” with large eyes, a stocky little body, and a large bill that makes them look a little top-heavy. Their chicks remind me of fuzzy checkerboards on stilts.


Celebrating Our Newest “Young Ornithologists”

25 September 2019 – Each summer, Bird Studies Canada and Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO) host the Doug Tarry Young Ornithologists’ Workshop (YOW) for successful applicants aged 13-17. This year, we welcomed six shining stars from Ontario and British Columbia.


Volunteers and Plovers Persist Through Soggy Season

25 September 2019 – The 2019 season was not without its challenges for Piping Plover conservation in Ontario. High waters were an issue across the Great Lakes, leading to smaller nesting territories, and less beach overall for plover families and beachgoers to share.

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Rare Gem of Ontario Forests Gets a Boost

25 September 2019 – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Neotropical Migratory Birds Convention Act (NMBCA) grant program recently announced its gracious support for Bird Studies Canada’s efforts on behalf of Cerulean Warblers and their habitat.

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Three Billion Birds Have Disappeared, But We Can Bring Them Back

20 September 2019 – If you remember there being a lot more birds in your area in your childhood than there are now, you’re not imagining things. Results of a comprehensive study published in the journal Science indicated that there are nearly three billion fewer birds populating North America’s landscapes than there were in 1970.

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