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Species at Risk

Many of Canada's birds face big challenges to their continued existence. If steps aren't taken to increase their dwindling numbers, they may disappear from our landscape altogether. From the British Columbia coast to the Cape Breton highlands, Bird Studies Canada is working to conserve at-risk birds.

Each species, or group of species, faces unique threats. Each of our Species at Risk projects is designed accordingly - to fill high-priority knowledge gaps, and to tackle high-priority threats. For some birds, like the Golden-winged Warbler, this means doing research to identify important populations and areas to target for conservation. For others, like the Piping Plover, it means working with communities to reduce disturbances to nesting birds. And, when threats are severe on wintering grounds beyond our borders, it means working with partners to support international conservation efforts.

Swifts & Swallows

Forest Birds At Risk

Grassland Birds

NB & NS Piping Plover Conservation Program

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Wetland Birds at Risk


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