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Québec Beached Bird Survey

The Québec Beached Bird Survey was launched in 2009 by Bird Studies Canada in partnership with the Regroupement QuébecOiseaux (RQO) and Explos-Nature, and with financial support from Environment Canada.

Beached Bird Surveys monitor the number and condition of seabird carcasses that have washed up on shore. The resulting information provides a good indication of marine ecosystem health and can serve as an early detection system for changes in ocean conditions. The Québec Beached Bird Survey is aimed particularly at determining the degree to which oiling affects the hundreds of thousands of birds that use the estuary and the Gulf of the St. Lawrence River.

Survey volunteers conduct monthly beach walks, looking for bird carcasses. The data collected provides baseline information on the causes and rates of seabird mortality, which assists in determining what species of seabirds are most affected by oiling, what time of the year the problem is most severe, and whether the proportion of oiled birds washing up on beaches is changing over time.

Bird Studies Canada would like to recruit new volunteers from coastal communities to help survey local beaches.

Registered volunteers will be sent an information kit with a guide, data forms, latex gloves, and other survey material. By participating in the beached bird survey, you can make a significant contribution to environmental stewardship.

To join the Québec Beached Bird Survey and receive your copy of the information kit, please contact:

Andrew Coughlan, Québec Program Manager
Études d'Oiseaux Canada
801-1550, avenue d'Estimauville
Québec (Québec) G1J 0C3
Ph. 1-866-518-0212 or 418-649-6062
Fax 418-648-5511



This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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